Saturday, May 3

Why do I always forget that Wal-Mart and Saturdays are not a good thing until its too late? My Mom asked me to go run a couple of errands with her today, and I felt up to it - which is nuts because I swear that this morning I didn't want to go anywhere. So, we went to Wal-Mart. The grocery part of the store was the worst, people are so rude bumping into you with their carts and shoving their way in front of you when you're looking at something. Where are their manners?! I decided to show Mom that $5.88 DVD bin that I looked through yesterday. LOL! We had a good time looking through it and I found a couple DVDs that I hadn't seen yesterday. I found another Western one for my Dad but I'll save it for part of his Father's Day gift. After the Wal-Mart experience we went to the new "dollar store". Quite an adventure. I got out of there with spending only $4.00. LOL! Now, I don't plan on going anywhere for the next 36 hours or so. My ass is planted. Dad's doctor called today with a bit of good news. Since Dad's chest pains are coming and going "quickly" they're just going to watch him more instead of doing the angiogram/balloons/surgery right away. I'm relieved, but still worried. I can sense something and its scaring me. He's being a good boy and resting today. If things flare up again he's to go into the hospital right away. Mom has spoken to the dipshit twins and if they pull any more stunts like they have been, there will be hell to pay. She has told them that the dipshit #1 Ellis needs to get a job and take care of his wife and child and quit putting all the strain on my Dad, and that both of them need to make a home for their daughter. We'll see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath. Kathy's 40th birthday is on Monday and she is whining to Mom that no one in the family likes her so they won't come over to see her. I really don't see how she can expect anyone to "like" her when she's taking such advantage of my parents and treating everyone like shit. I for one, don't plan on attending any party for her. I did get her a card and a gift card (from Wal-Mart tee hee), and that's gonna have to do. Hmmm... I really sound like a bitch, don't I?!