Thursday, May 8

Yesterday I was a complete stress monster. I don't know what my problem was, but it was so not a good day and not a good day to be around me. I was so stressed about stuff here at work, and everything I guess. Chalk it up to one hell of a bad day. I finally took a half of a Xanax to calm down so I could concentrate enough to get some work done. I didn't even feel up to blogging, not that I had time anyway. By the end of the day, I'd made myself sick. I have to stop doing that to myself. Its just not worth it. I went straight home, and went to bed. My Harry Potter DVD *finally* arrived from Amazon (the first one got lost) so I put that in and watched it, and kept falling asleep. I was just utterly exhausted. I'm feeling a bit more perkier today, but still not feeling back to my old self... I shall keep my chin up though and keep plugging along. I hate feeling ornery, its a waste of my time. I need to concentrate on the good things that are coming my way like next weekend with Jeff (ha, cha, cha), then off to Boston to see Colin and his wife D. OK. Postitive thinking starts again right here, right now. I'll be around to visit everyone in the next day or so... I've been so busy I haven't been able to visit anyone. Have a great day everyone!!!! 3 for Thursday questions are up if you'd like to go play. I wanted to thank Colin for taking care of it all this week :-).