Sunday, May 11

Today's dinner turned out really well. It was just Mom, Dad, Susie and I. Everything was delicious, even if I do say so myself! I shouldn't have eaten what I did, but what the hell... it sounded really good. I even had a small piece of keylime pie for dessert. Mom said she hadn't seen me eat that much in months and it was good to see. I'm gonna pay for every delicious bite, I'm telling ya. I've rested pretty much all afternoon, and am feeling a bit perkier. My cough is getting worse though, so first thing in the morning I'm calling the doc. They'll probably have to put me on antibiotics right away, since I have to be really careful with infections. I've got some hot Tang to drink which is a cure-all/pamering thing that makes me feel all warm inside. In a little while, my bro J Dee and sis-in-law Patti will be coming over and I'd like to see them. J Dee just found out he's got to have a disk in his lower back fused on May 21, I feel so bad about it. The disk is acting like a guillotine and is cutting off the nerve and he's in so much pain. He had some minor surgery on it a couple of months ago, to remove a cyst, and they were hoping it would buy him some time, but no such luck. Seems like we're all falling apart in my family! LOL!! We're too young! Anyhoo... I'm off to rest until they get here.