Wednesday, May 28

Phew its HOT outside!!! 100 degrees. I about died when I saw that. It sure feels like it. I will be taking a nice COOL shower shortly then heading to bed early to see if I can catch up on some sleep. I really don't feel all that tired for being up so early this morning, or at least it hasn't caught up with me yet. I really kicked ass as far as getting stuff done today. I still have a lot to do on my financials but hopefully they'll balance OK in the morning. I can't believe this week is almost over, it has really gone by fast. Holiday weeks usually don't seem to go this fast for me. I had a great lunch with Robin today. She's such a special friend and so good to me. I'm going to have lunch tomorrow with another friend, Sheri who's a sweetheart... one place we always have to go is Fiesta Guadalajara but I will behave and not have any chips and salsa, BUT I will still be able to have my cha-cha-cha cheese enchiladas. I hope everyone had a great day!