Monday, May 12

Whew! Monday is over... well as far as my work day it is! I finally got my balancing done! What a load off my mind. It took me pretty much all day to do, but its done. My friend Sandi is back from her vacation, its been about 3 weeks since I'd seen her between my travels and hers! We chatted and got caught up on things. She's such a wonderful friend and I've missed our daily chats. She's so incredibly supportive about everything in my life. I called my RA doc and told him about my cough and he put me on antibiotics. I just took the first dose, and they said they should kick in fast. I am feeling so much better today, as far as my energy level, looks like I just had a bad few days. No dizzy spells at all today. Well, not much else to say... I'm gonna get a couple things done then hit the hay. Oh, by the way... 4 days to Jeff! Woohoo! *snicker*