Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all Mothers!
I'm going to make dinner for my Mom today, its mostly prepared since I prepared as much as I could yesterday. About killed myself off, you wouldn't think that making sour cream augratin potatoes and some baked beans would wear me out so much, but it did. I about passed out a couple of times. Mom wasn't home so she doesn't know, and I don't want her to know because she'll only worry more and it will make her feel bad. She deserves this dinner and I want to do it for her. So, all I have to do this morning is make the rolls (I'm cheating - Rhodes frozen rolls!), and put the ham, and the potatoes and baked beans in the oven, set the table, and be done. Susie is coming over for dinner too. I think the rest of the siblings will stop over later on for pie and ice cream. In the back of my mind I'm really hoping that Kathy doesn't come out of her den of stinkiness and eat with us, but I think Mom would feel bad if she doesn't. I know it sounds selfish, but Kathy eats like a pig and I didn't go to all this trouble for her. I cannot stand the site of this woman, she totally and completely disgusts me, in her appearance as well as how she is and what she's become. I almost want to pity her. She and her husband think the world owes them, well, I got news for them. You have to give the world something before it owes you anything, and even at that if you think the world owes you something then you won't get it. OK - enough bitching about her. I don't want her to ruin my day any more than she already does. The stress she's creating is not good for me, or anyone. I worry so much about my parents too, and the strain they're putting on them. The side effects of the Remacade are really starting to kick my ass. I will call the doctor tomorrow and let him know what's going on. I was fine for the first few days so it must be kicking in, doing what its supposed to do. ?? Fingers crossed. I'm sure its just a matter of getting used to the meds and the side effects. Last night about 5:30 I was sitting here, and just totally exhausted. I thought why am I fighting it? Just go to bed! LOL! So I did! I didn't go to sleep, just got in my jammies and watched TV in bed, and snuggled with my cat. It was great. I didn't sleep very well through the night thanks to my stomach, but I did get a lot of good body rest. I'll be a good kid today too, and just take things easy. With Susie coming for dinner, she'll help me clean up. She's such a great sister. Oh, I'm excited to see if Mom likes her prezzie from Susie and I. We found her a heated stone (foot pads are stone and they radiate heat) foot massager. Mom's feet get so sore, and she deserves to be pampered. Well, have a great day everyone!!