Monday, May 12

Well, here we are... Monday morning. My day isn't too bad so far and hopefully won't be a day from hell. I've got quite a bit to do, but nothing so stressful. I still have to finish my financials/hours balancing which is driving me nuts. Hopefully getting a fresh start on it today will make a difference. I'm wearing a new dress, which always helps the attitude. One of the dresses I'd ordered a while back finally came over the weekend and it fits really well. I got quite a bit of rest last night, and my cough wasn't too bad (didn't keep me awake anyway!) but now that I'm up moving around, its breaking up and starting to hurt. I'm not feeling quite as exhausted either. YAY. I'll still be a good girl and not over-do things today. J Dee told me all about his surgery last night, and all I can say is ouch. They're doing a new technique where most of the actual surgery is done from his stomach. That way most of the muscles in his back remain undisturbed. They're going to have to take bone from his hips to use as bone to fuse the disks together. The thought makes me cringe, poor guy! My other brother Bob and his 3 girls came over last night too... all I can say is I'm so glad I don't have teenage kids. The two teenagers (17 and 14) are little snots, but I still love them. The youngest, Morgan is 9 years old today. She's such a sweetie, I gave her the b-day prezzie she wanted (she requested some shower gel, lotion and shower scrunchie) and she was most pleased that she got it. A little later, J Dee's two sons Travis and Adam came over and I got lots of hugs before I headed off to bed. They're such great guys. Closest to sons I'll ever have. Well, I best get to work! Hope everyone has a great Monday!