Saturday, May 10

I had another "out of sorts" day yesterday. I'm just so exhausted and frustrated... just a little bit of everything. I needed some Karen time and cleaned like a mad woman yesterday morning. I payed for it though, really over did things. But its nice to have everything sparkly and clean. I think a lot of my problem is that I'm hoping so much for a miracle with this medication Remacade for both my RA and Ulcerative Colitis. The RA pain is managed OK right now, but I'm getting soooooooooo tired of the UC. Tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling like shit. I don't see any difference in the UC yet, and I know I've only had one treatment, but I was hoping to see *some* slight improvement. I have another treatment this coming Thursday, right before I head to Indiana and Boston. My trip to Indiana, meeting Jeff!! and then heading for Boston are things I'm really I'm looking forward to, the things that are keeping me from going completely bonkers right now. I'm getting so excited to meet Jeff I can hardly stand it. Constant flutteries in my tummy. I'm trying to stay positive, I really am... I need to chalk it all up to a bad week, let myself feel rotten, and move on. I keep forgetting that it IS OK to feel rotten from time to time. I hate feeling rotten, and feel my energy is better spent feeling nice. It also seems like I'm not the only one having a bad week, as I've gone around to visit people...hmmm... maybe its lunar?! Who knows... if anyone figures it out, let me know! Happy Saturday!