Friday, May 30

Busy day! Nothing too exciting... I cleaned, went to lunch with Mom then ran errands, then came home and worked my 1.5 hours. Its amazing how much I can get done here at home vs. work with all the interruptions. I've got my monthly status report done and ready for my boss to review it on Monday. I actually have a class in Salt Lake on Monday, Word 2000 Level 3 (sounds fun, huh??) but I will go in to the office before to do a few things before I go. Aren't I just dedicated? tee hee My Mom forgot to tell me that my sister-in-law Patti's x-husband died this past Sunday!!! She's got 4 kids by him (GREAT kids) and I love them to bits. He's been ill for the past year, due to diabetes and not taking care of himself for years. I thought it was strange that none of the kids came over for dinner on Memorial Day! The small funeral was this morning but we didn't go - even though I wanted to be there for the kids. I feel bad for their loss, but in another way I'm glad he's out of Patti's life now, he was really rotten to her. In my opinion, my brother is the best thing that ever happened to Patti and Patti is by far the best thing that ever happened to my brother. They've been together for nearly 11 years and have really blended into a great family - 6 kids in all. Anyhoo... I'm off to visit everyone! Finally!! :-D