Tuesday, September 9

Work was nuts today. I was given some workshop materials (mostly slides) to reformat for a workshop next week. We have to take them to Kinko's by tomorrow noon in order for them to be done. These slides have got to be some of the worst I've seen as far as formatting goes, they're a complete mess. There are 13 files, most with 60-80 slides so its taking me forever! I am on the 9th file and then I have to print all the exercises, appendices, etc., before I leave at 11:00am. So, I'm going in at 4am to make sure they are done in time. I'm actually hoping I'll have them all done by 9 or 10am because I have some other stuff that Timster will need to have done before I go too. I have my accounting class at 11:30 as usual, then I have my Remacade treatment (for my RA) at 1pm. So... if you don't see a post tomorrow morning, you'll know why! I most likely won't have time - maybe not even time to pee! *snicker* I'll be busting my ass on those slides. I really am hurting this evening - my shoulder and wrist were this morning, but as the day went on, my hip and both hands decided to join in the fun. So, I just took a pain pill and I'm headed to bed with some ice packs. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up and feel better (if I can get comfy and sleep tonight!). I don't have time for this! UGH!! I WILL be OK and it WILL get BETTER. Think positive, right?! OH! I just heard from Jeff! Shocker... we just chatted for a minute though cuz I told him I was beat and needed to go to bed. As we were saying good night, I told him to have a good night, and he said "you too babe." OMG, he called me "babe"... tug at my heart strings!!! *sniffle* I always loved it when he called me that! Damnit!