Sunday, September 7

I'm so tired!! I think I could have stayed in bed all day... wish I could have but I've got a lot of studying left to do so I dragged my ass out of bed, got in the shower and got dressed. Now I can't go back to bed. Well, I could... but I won't. I actually am not in much pain today! Shocker! Not sure how that happened... but am going to enjoy it. Days like this are few and far between and I do sooooo appreciate the break! Our power went out about midnight last night and didn't come back on until 5am this morning. I was woken up around 2:30 by loud clashes of thunder, and rain. A nice cool breeze came through my window. It felt so great, I snuggled down in the covers, one of my favorite things to do - just wish I had a sexy man there with me . I just love thunderstorms and the smell of the rain... mmmm... nothing like it!!!