Tuesday, September 9

can I go home?? LOL! I'm gonna whine... I really don't feel like being here, but I am. Damn Rheumatoid Arthritis just won't leave me alone. I'll be fine, just waiting for my morning meds to settle before I take a pain pill. I can't go home, I can't miss my classes today. We're doing an exercise in Accounting (and if I don't see how we do it, then I will be lost with the homework assignment) and then in my Org Beh class we'll cover 2 chapters and then have a review on the first 10 chapters for the mid term on Thursday. So, I've got to suck it up. The night was so cool, it felt wonderful! 55 degrees when I came in this morning. Fall is on the way! The high was 80 yesterday too, which felt so great not to be so hot! We're supposed to have isolated thunderstorms today (and only a high of 64?! woohoo) and rain tomorrow. We need it! Well... enough talk about the weather and my pain. LOL! Here's something that cheered me up - thanks Colin!!
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