Monday, September 8

Here are some pics I took yesterday of my niece Elyssa's 2nd birthday.

What a day for shitty drivers! On the way to my accounting class, some jerk ran a stop sign and pulled right out in front of me, I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting him, then he goes 10 miles an hour BELOW the speed limit. Shithead. Then 2 blocks later, a "safety truck" pulls right out in front of me. Then on my way home, on a road going 50, some shithead pulls out in front of me (no car behind me for at least 20 car lengths), I slam on my breaks again and had to swurve to miss her, I honk my horn and she flips ME off! I took down her license plate number... its against the law in Utah to flip anyone off, shake your fist or anything else that is considered a threat. I'm turning her in. Bitch. I don't know if anything will ever come of it, but she pissed me off!