Tuesday, September 2

Oh man! The Tuesday after a Monday holiday always leaves me feeling like this! Anyone else???
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Well, today at work will be interesting. Our funding for the day-to-day tasks has been lost (I've mentioned this before) and we don't have another sponsor, after several attempts. So... we're essentially out of funding - as of last week actually. The incremental funding we have now has been spent. The gov't is supposed to give us more funding to last until November, but its not looking that way. My boss Tim has set up a meeting with the gov't this morning to see what specific tasks we can work on with the remainder of our funds. 80% of what I do rely on these funds. So... it looks like I'll be changing jobs a lot sooner than we thought. Not quite sure what the other job will be yet, Tim has to meet with our division manager Mike today to get it all sorted. We're pushing for the job in our main office helping the financial guy Bart out. I will go into work this morning (2 hrs later than normal) and work on "overhead" tasks, then this afternoon, hopefully be able to work on my regular tasks for the gov't org. If things work out the way I'm thinking, I'll be working half time at the gov't org, and half time at the main office. Then when funds run out, full time at the main office. There is another contract on base that they were considering me for, but its in configuration management (which I have no experience) and I would require a security clearance to even step into the building. Which is no big deal to get one, but it takes time and we really don't have time. I've also heard that is a bad place to work - a bunch of back-stabbing gossips. So, I'm definitely pulling to work in our main office AND it will help me advance in the career path I want, and with me taking accounting classes, it would work out really well. So, fingers crossed! I had a good day yesterday, I was going stir crazy so Mom and I went to Rainbow Gardens shopped and ate lunch. It was nice to get out. We went to another store where I got me a couple of bargain DVDs (Evelyn and Lemmon Drop Kid) and a video Super Troopers. I came home, finished studying and then had an ealry night watching the movies. Have a great day!