Tuesday, September 2

Its been a pretty blah day here at work. I've been working on tasks that could be considered "overhead" tasks and not my usual duties since Tim's meeting this morning was postponed to this afternoon. He's finally there now, didn't go in until 2:15 or so... its now 2:40. So he should be out soon and we'll know more of what our situation is. I've pretty much ran out of things to do now... and still 1.5 hrs left. I'd go home but I have my Org Behavior class at 4:30. So... I'll stick around. My buddy Larry M just stopped by to say "good-bye". Its his last day, as he's retiring. I'm gonna miss him, he's a great guy. The girl's (aka the Motely Crew) are finally going to have a get-together this Friday! Its been AGES since we've gone out together... so I'm looking forward to it. We're going to meet Friday after work at a local restaurant. Hopefully we'll laugh and carry on so much we'll get dirty looks from people - NOW that is how we guage the fun. LOL!!