Sunday, September 7

I'm terrible... that no-good-for-nothing BIL of mine is here. He was in the living room upstairs putting together a toy for his daughter (its her 2nd birthday today) and I was coming downstairs, and I said "asshole" just loud enough for him to hear but soft enough for him to wonder if he were hearing things or not. *snicker* I just couldn't help myself. OHHHHHHHH I just can't stand the man (cough, cough, cough) Or should I just say MALE because he certainly ain't a man. But do I really want to lump him together with all the males? No... that's not fair to the males. Hmmm... what would be a good category for him... something that is lowest of the low... kinda like a cancer or nasty growth on your ass. I'm surprised he's here at all... he must have run out of money and it happened to be on Elyssa's birthday. He was here Friday when I got home, he was in the garage when I was backing my car in, and I almost didn't see him. I wish I hadn't seen him - not necessarily to run him over (I wouldn't want the lawsuit) but just because I hate seeing him period. OK, done bitching. I feel better. I had an uneventful day... just studied. I'm caught up now though and feeling a little less stressed. I talked to that Robert guy from Idaho a little bit Thursday night and Friday morning. Poor guy - he's really having a rough time. He really misses his ex wife and is very lonely. He's said a few times that he wished we lived closer, because he thought we'd hit it off since we're quite a bit alike. Hmmm... is 2 hrs really that far? I didn't think so... but if he does, then I'm not going to tell him its not. Its obvious he doesn't want to put the effort in as far as meeting so I'm not. He keeps saying how damn busy he is, everyone is busy. Its a matter of prioritizing things. I'm not a priority and that's really OK with me, I'm not *that* attracted to him. Finally heard from Jeff - for a minute. He popped online and said "hi" and "I'm going to go put my jeep top back on, I'll be back in a few minutes." I replied that I "wasn't going to be online long so if he wanted to talk to me then he should hurry." Then he replied "I'll hurry, and I hope I catch you tonight, if not maybe tomorrow." whatever... that was 20 mins ago and he's not back yet... I'm going to finish this post and visit a couple of blogs then I'm outta here. MEN.