Friday, September 5

Just got back from my accounting class. We got our tests back, and I did fine! Whew! I missed two multiple choice questions, and the balance sheet that I sweated over he only docked me 5 pts on (so I got 15/20 on that section). Ended up with 87/100 which he graded as an A! YES! So far I've gotten 100% on my homework assignments so I'm maintaining the A. Cool. I do want to stay on top of things though, and do some extra worksheets and examples to really hammer this stuff in my head. The balance sheet stuff I should not have messed up on. There are so many examples in the book that we don't go over in class and I do learn better doing "hands on" type things instead of just reading. One other source of stress this week has been me getting turned down for the cash advance to pay for my tuition from the company. Corporate policy says we can have cash advances, but each sector, group, and division can make their own policies. Well, the group I'm in has a policy of no cash advances. Period. I was absolutely livid when I found out. My boss and division manager went to the group manager and he wouldn't make an acception. Makes me feel like my company doesn't give a shit about the "pee ons" who are hardship cases. I am very appreciative that they are paying for my tuition - eventually - its just hard to come up with $1100 up front. We have to submit our grades (has to be above a C or they won't pay for it) with our expense report then will be reimbursed. This was not stated or at least clearly in the tuition assitance policy, because we all found out after the fact that this is how it worked. We still can't find where it says it exactly. My boss put the tuition on his credit card to begin with, and he said he can wait until the end of Oct (when I get my grades and reimbursed when I submit the expense report) for me to pay him back. Timster is just the best. Anyway, we have a challenge for next term which is coming up in just over a month that I'll need an additional $1100 (this includes tuition and books). Tim and I talked, and decided the best thing to do would be to take out a loan against my profit sharing. They'll take payments out of my check, and its at a 5% interest rate, which is lower than any credit card. Anyway, I'll get he money, put it in an account and withdraw it when I need it, then when I get reimbursed put it back in. I really hate taking out a loan, but we don't see any other way around it, and now that I've started back to school, I do not want to stop. I need to do this, and can't let anything stand in my way. Hopefully next year the company can continue to pay for it, especially since they'll benefit from it as much as I will. I'm going to make an announcement... I'll be moving my site soon. The wonderful, generous, marvelous, sweet (and any other wonderful word I can think of!) Christine will be hosting my blog and moving it all to MT! I'm so excited!!! I will let everyone know the new URL when its all set up and ready to go!