Wednesday, September 3

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few precriptions I'd like to take... ... yummy... great way to start my day... gets me going. *snicker* (click your mouse on the screen to bring up the text and change pages) I forgot to mention yesterday that there are some customer funded tasks that I will be working on as well as the database and financial stuff. We have customers that we need to support, and one of our customers is another organization on base that we're doing a series of workshops for. Plus any support that Tim and Greg need for the customers their supporting. Anyhoo... not much happening yet... the RA in my left foot flared during the night, woke up feeling like someone hit me with a sledge hammer. Pain pills are helping, I can't walk very well but can hobble. I've decided to take half the day off today, will go home after my accounting class. I want a little extra time to study for the test tomorrow, as well as do some reading for tomorrow's Org Beh class. Also, if my foot is feeling better I'd like to stop off at the grocery store on my way home and get a couple of things I'm almost out of. TTFN!!