Thursday, September 4

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Thanks for all your comments and all your well wishes on my Zonk board! Really wish YACCS will be up soon! It was up for a little while the other night, then down again. My foot is feeling mucho better, am walking instead of hobbling. Shoulders and my right thumb aren't liking me but are better than they were last night. Mr. Rheumatoid Arthritis is sure loving me lately. Sheesh... I went home early yesterday, got in my recliner, propped my feet up, and studied for my accounting test. Pretty soon, my cat came over and had to jump up on my lap... she's such a snuggle bunny and knows when I'm not feeling well. She purred and purred while I studied (had to have one hand on her and rubbed her head and petted her). Its funny how that always calms me down and makes me feel less anxious about things, and the love just radiates from Ashley. I don't know what I'd do without her. She's my baby! After I studied my accounting, I decided to start reading a chapter for my Org Beh class tonight. I didn't get too far though, maybe only one of the two chapters we'll cover tonight... oh well... more reading to do this weekend ;-). Tonight we're going to cover two chapters, watch a video and then start the review for the mid term that is next Thursday. UGH. I'm not sure I'm ready for this one... I'm really glad its Thursday, this week has breezed on by. I am going to work for a few hours tomorrow afternoon, to make up for yesterday. I also have my accounting class that ends at 12:30, then its the Girls' get together at 3:30 (right after everyone gets off work) and its a long drive home, so I figure I'll just stay in the area and work. I'm so excited to see everyone and get caught up on things. Its been way too long. Have a great day!!!