Saturday, September 6

Mr Ed is now on TV Land... how excited am I? More excited than that. I love that show! Its on for an hour each night at 6pm so I'm taping them. It take so little to please me... really it does. *snicker* I spent most of the day in my recliner reading my Organizational Behavior book. I'm now done through chapter 10. We'll cover chapters 9 and 10 Tuesday then have an in depth review of chapters 1 - 10 for the mid term Thursday night. Yikes. I'm nervous about that! I've got to go through the book and make study notes on what he told us would be on the test, I'm half way through chapter 2 doing that. I had to quit though, my brain was turning into mush. I'll finish tomorrow - as well as do my accounting homework and some exercises from the book on the balance sheet that I shouldn't have messed up on (yes, still beating myself up over it!). tee hee Anyhoo... My Mom has started her canning. She's made peach jam and bottled peaches and bottled a few tomatoes. She's been so busy today, and I feel bad that I can't help her. Mostly because I had to study, but also because of my health. I told her I'd help her for an hour or so, but she wouldn't hear of it and booted me out of the kitchen. She did let me make dinner tonight though. I was going to order pizza, but then we remembered that I had bought some pizza crusts at Sam's Club last week, so I made pizza. It was pretty good - the crust came with the sauce (not too spicy) and we had pepperoni in the freezer. Put toppings on, put in oven for 10 minutes and voila... pizza! I've found that my stomach can handle pizza once in a while. I made a couple of pieces without pepperoni though, I didn't want to try eating the spicy pepperoni just yet. I learned my lesson after the nachos last week. Tummy is not ready for spicy foods yet. Like you wanted to know that... I'm rambling aren't I?! See... brain is mush. I'm off to do some visiting now since I didn't get to visit many this morning because of Blogger being down.